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people first, photos second

It's all about celebrating the real, heartfelt moments that make your story uniquely beautiful. Embracing the motto "people first, photos second" reflects the understanding that your comfort, authenticity, and connections are what truly matter. Choosing a photographer for your wedding or family photos means investing in your legacy.

Our approach ensures that your photos capture genuine emotions, allowing your love and laughter to shine through every shot. These are the kind of photos that will find their way into your future shoebox albums, cherished by your little ones, and ingrained as a treasured part of your family's history. Recognizing the importance of this, we're dedicated to crafting timeless, heartfelt images that narrate your story.

You're in search of a photographer who genuinely cares about you and someone you can feel comfortable around, offering a front row seat to genuinely document your wedding day or family moments. It's about having photos that not only transport you back to the moment but also evoke the same feelings you had when the photo was taken. We're here for it all - the joy, the quirks, all those honest and fleeting moments.





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average spend per couple $4000

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average spend per couple $2200

Starting at $450

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— Emily and Bryce's Wedding, Emily's mom

Sunriver , Oregon

“Her photos are amazing, but more importantly she is FANTASTIC to work with. She is an excellent communicator, reliable, the sweetest person, professional, timely and so thorough! My daughter's wedding was the best day and Kayla was an integral part of that. The photos she captured are fantastic!!”