All the little moments that make up a love as big as the Cascades

Bend wedding photographer for grounded lovers

Wedding photography that sees your whole village alongside you.

Nothing shapes the feeling of your wedding day more than the people who gather to celebrate you. As your Bend wedding photographer, I do my best to photograph everyone having a blast at your celebration. They’re an important part of the story your wedding photos tell.

When you reminisce over your album on your anniversary, you’ll smile just as hard over their sincere hugs and wacky dance moves as you do over posed portraits. 

That’s why I put so much heart into your wedding photos. I’ll be the helping hand or fly on the wall – whatever feels good for you. You can be at ease and embrace the moment. Who knows? You might not even notice the camera!

Afterward, I’ll edit your images true to life to preserve the moment like you really remember it. I’m so inspired by the thought of how many people will pour over your wedding photos over the years. They’ll see your authentic emotions as they really unfolded.

“Wow! So many guests complimented Kayla and mentioned to us what a perfect fit she was for us… An absolute professional. She was warm, calm, and collected during our entire event. She made sure we were completely at ease and not involved in any sort of stressful logistics day-of. Kayla also worked incredibly well with our other vendors (and has a great reputation among them). She made it such a smooth experience and provided us with beautiful memories and photos that we’ll be able to look back on for the rest of our lives. Thank you, Kayla!”

Jennifer, Hollinshead Barn

Bend Wedding Photographer
Bend Wedding Photographer

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Bend Wedding Photographer
Bend Wedding Photographer

You can be your whole self with me. Weddings can be so amazing, but they can also be hard. I pride myself on being the judgment-free zone where you can discreetly dish about weird family dynamics. Honestly, your wedding day (not to mention your photos) will be so much better if we can be real.

On a sunny day, you’ll find me exploring the trails and waterfalls around Bend. Will I backpack into the woods for a whole weekend? I’m not hardcore to be honest. But if you’re looking for a good two-mile hike to some hot springs, I’m your girl!

I’m obsessed with Bend! The first time I saw the mountains out here I cried. As your Bend wedding photographer, I’ll share recommendations for my favorite hikes and eats. You can also expect that epic landscape to make an appearance in your wedding photos.

When I say your photos are an excuse to bring together your loved ones, I’m including your pets. I realllllly hope you bring your pup. They bring so much spontaneity and joy to any wedding or session!

Because real life means so much more.

I learned this lesson from my own wedding photos: As much as you might want the perfect portrait to hang on your wall, something even better is possible. You can have the silly, awkward, tender, loving moments in your photos, too. That’s why I don’t treat your wedding like a photoshoot. When I’m your Bend wedding photographer, I’ll put people over poses every time.

So belly laugh. Ugly cry. Bear hug. I’ll be there to document the magic of it all.