April 13, 2021

Smith Rock State Park Couples Photos | Elopement Inspiration

Tracy and Andrea’s story may just be the most beautiful I’ve heard while on this journey of being a wedding photographer.

Tracy had called me, left a voicemail saying their photographer last minute cancelled on them for their engagement photos that were going to be the next day at Smith Rock State Park.

I called him back, we got to talking the details and planned the session for the next day! He was so excited to find someone last minute and I was excited to be available for them on short notice.

Driving into Smith Rock, I noticed a couple in wedding attire as I drove through looking for a parking spot. I thought, how cool is that?! This is such a beautiful spot to elope and not uncommon to see while on an hike there.

I called Tracy to tell them where to find me, and there they come walking up, the couple I saw in the wedding attire, looking dang beautiful and so in love.

This shoot was less than 30 minutes long and yet I learned so much about Tracy & Andrea and took some of my most meaningful photos ever. It turns out, they met while in high school, crushed hard on each other & went on their first date together. After graduating they ended up parting ways to go to different colleges.

Of course, life happened, they each married and had kids, and the years went by.

Thanks to Facebook, all these years later these sweet lovebirds reconnected and within a week, decided to make the commitment to never part again. We took some photos before they eloped a few days later in a private ceremony with friends and family.

They played their song from high school and danced while I took photos from afar, and felt alll the feels. They cried, I cried with them.

Gosh dang I love what I do.